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Bankruptcy Litigation in Arkansas

Experienced West Memphis Bankruptcy Attorney On Your Side

If you are facing bankruptcy, you want somebody in your corner who is qualified to give you advice and support. The process can be complicated and a lot is riding on how you proceed, especially if you are dealing with litigation. Our West Memphis bankruptcy attorney can stand up for you during your case to make sure you are treated fairly and given a favorable outcome.

When will a bankruptcy case involve litigation?

Though bankruptcy cases are not often litigated, it is not uncommon for disputes and lawsuits to be filed within the bankruptcy case. There are other times when litigation is required to resolve an important piece of the bankruptcy proceeding.

Contested matters can range from:

  • Creditor objecting to part or all of the plan
  • Creditors seeking relief from the automatic stay so they might foreclose on property
  • Preference litigation
  • Debtors being sued for any number of reasons
  • Trustees being sued or litigating against other parties

If issues arise with your creditors that requires litigation, you need to call our West Memphis bankruptcy attorney for experienced legal counsel. For almost a quarter-century, DeLoache Law Office has been providing our clients with the fresh financial start they need.

We Can Handle Your Case Effectively

Our firm defends a wide range of claims that can come up under the Bankruptcy Code.

We can handle various issues that arise during bankruptcy litigation including:

  • Disputes over use of cash collateral
  • Disputes over debtor in possession financing
  • 363 Sales transaction
  • Confirmation of reorganization plans
  • Relief from the automatic stay
  • Preference recovery actions
  • Fraudulent transfer actions
  • Claims objections
  • Discharge challenges
  • Appeals

The Arkansas bankruptcy litigation lawyers at DeLoache Law Office are experienced in difficult disputes and have defended proceedings in numerous cases. We have helped thousands of clients in our more than two decades of operation. Let us handle your bankruptcy litigation matter so you can achieve the best result possible.

If you need a professional bankruptcy lawyer to handle your litigation, call our office at (888) 233-7016 today!